Checklist to buy a Genuine Baby Bean Bag

Baby Bean Bags are the best piece of furniture for infants. Even if you do not have a toddler at home, there are still so many good reasons to buy one. The Baby Bean Bags have a wide range of applications and you will never regret buying one. But if you are buying a Baby Bean Bag for your naughty toddler, you must make sure it adheres to all the safety rules and regulations.

Safety Checks before buying Baby Bean Bags

Ensure the following safety regulations have been followed in the production of the Baby Bean Bag you are about to purchase:

  • The Bean Bags cover must be free from even tiny pores. Even small holes might lead to leakage of fillers.
  • The Bean Bag should be properly filled. Improper filling might cause discomfort.
  • A Bean Bag is waterproof only if the cover is made up of Polyester. Only such Bean Bags are suitable for outdoor use.
  • The fillers should be usually be small beads of PVC, Polystyrene, Polyurethane or Styrofoam. The filler dimensions should lie in between 3 millimeter - 9 millimeter. Only certain Beanbags can use the 1 millimeter special microbeads.
  • Refillable Bean Bags must have Dual stitches along with Safety Lock Zippers.
  • There should be permanent warning labels on the Baby Bean Bags.
  • The Fabric of the Linings should have passed the Durability test. This ensures that toddlers cannot tear the fabric.
  • The Strap attached to the Bean Bag should be undamaged. It should be capable of holding the toddler in upright position.
  • The opening should not be in a position easily accessible to infants.

Common Questions to ask the Store Manager

Here are a few questions you could ask the store manager before purchasing the Baby Bean Bags

  1. What is the dimension of the Filler?
  2. What is the material of the Fabric?
  3. Does the company offer Bean Bag Refills?
  4. Although the Government has announced a lot of safety standards, never leave the Infant unattended or unwatched in a Baby Bean Bag.